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An approved package of facilitator training, associated resource materials and accreditation proven to unlock personal potential through positive behaviour change.

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K2P Showcase events

A unique opportunity for you to gain hands-on experience on how K2P can engage your students in a fun and innovative way and with positive lifelong effects.

Our next Showcase event will be hosted in Birmingham on Friday 27th November 2015 at the Novotel Hotel | 70 Broad street | Birmingham | B1 2HT.

Places are limited and tend to book up fast, so to secure your place please contact the K2P team on 03330 431122 or Email us


Why K2P?


K2P is an innovative and unique combination of equipment, activities and online support videos designed and delivered to engage, challenge and improve the performance of even your most challenging students at KS2, KS3 and KS4.

In line with Ofsted expectations K2P is proven to deliver tangible improvements in pupil:

1. attitudes to learning;

2. low-level disruptive behaviour;

3. conduct and approaches to learning.

K2P is aligned to The Sutton Trust’s mission to combat educational inequality and to prevent the subsequent waste of talent.  Therefore schools investing their Pupil Premium in K2P can be confident that they have chosen a learning strategy that will give them maximum ‘educational bang for their buck’, simply because once purchased …

1. ….not a one-off course, but a resource your school can use time and time again without incurring additional costs;

2. ….not just for one student, or even one year group, it’s a resource that can be used with as many students or staff as you like;

3. ….proven not only to deliver short term learning benefits but real changes in behaviours and attitudes in young people for life.


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Building Character and Resilience.



What is K2P?


The three key components of K2P are:

1.  CPD Facilitator Training – become a certified K2P facilitator gaining 6 CPD credits along the way. Add to your skills and demonstrate your commitment to learning and personal development throughout your teaching career.  As a trained K2P facilitator you will be able to deliver the activities effectively ensuring your pupils maximise the learning from each activity and it’s many applications and outcomes;

2.  The K2P kit bag - containing all the equipment and resources you need to deliver …

3.  The activities – 35 high impact challenge and problem solving tasks to unlock potential. Delivered through clear instructions and our exclusive online activity briefs.


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How Young People Benefit from K2P …

developing core values

The three components of K2P combine to create a learning and development tool that is designed and delivered to develop 8 core values in young people:



Understand how it works and master how to build it


Watch, listen and interpret others effectively


Connect with others to develop both individually and as a team


Improve the ability to bounce back when faced with challenges


Take ownership and harness the power to shape outcomes


Foster, support and enable creativity and original thought


Ensure conclusions are reached and next steps are agreed


Achieve the desired outcomes and continue to develop

How Young People Benefit from K2P …

gaining accreditations

AIM Awards qualification ‘Personal Potential’ (QCF) has been specifically designed alongside K2P activities in response to issues identified by Ofsted as posing barriers to learners in accessing their curriculum. These Ofqual approved qualifications are aimed at learners who demonstrate emotional and behavioural difficulties which affect their potential to learn.

The practical nature of the compulsory activities, developed by K2P, facilitates learner re-engagement in a way which adds value to their experience in a learning environment. They enable learners to work with tutors to develop a shared understanding of their personal potential and what they need to do in order to become better learners.



What teachers say about K2P…

‘It’s proved to be very successful to date. Students on the programme are achieving 100% attendance and 100% of students have progressed on to further courses, they are much better prepared for learning.’
A Jakes – Head of 14-19 Provision & NEETS – Cambridge Regional College

‘I’ve seen a real difference in this group of young people, their confidence and willingness to learn has drastically improved, some even want to lead tasks now.’
T Taylor – Raising Aspirations Manager – Murray Park School (Derby)

‘I’ve been using K2P for two years; I rarely start a lesson without it. It helps you to learn your classes’ strengths and weaknesses, priceless! K2P delivery was quickly successful and data was showing raised attitudes to learning and attendance within the first term, this continued to rise throughout the year. The data clearly shows a huge improvement in all aspects of their school life.’
A Crowther – Magnus School

‘K2P teaches resilience, the ability to test and stretch yourself, work as a team and increase your self-worth and value. It blew us away!’
A Sawley – Headteacher, Whitehouse School



What Students say about K2P…

‘I love using K2P, we get to have loads of fun and it’s made us work better as a team.’

 M Carlisle (Yr 11)

‘K2P activity is such fun I didn’t realise the stuff I was learning’

D Harding (Yr 9)

‘Using K2P has made learning more fun, I like coming to School now.’ 

R Smedley (Yr 8)


About Us

K2P is part of the TTC Group.

The TTC Group is one of the UK’s leading learning & development organisations dedicated to improving personal and professional knowledge, accountability and responsibility.

K2P is a fundamental part of TTC’s vision of creating better communities by helping people impact the world around them.

K2P has been developed over 8 years by highly qualified educational, behavioural and military specialists each with over 25 years’ teaching experience in respective fields.

K2P recognise the value of the active learner and know that delivering actively challenging lessons goes a long way to creating the most effective learning environment.

The powerful mix of teaching and military skills guarantees K2P delivers world class accredited practical learning and development to ensure your most difficult to engage students are able to unlock personal potential and as a result have a more positive impact on the world around them.

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